Total Control

  •    Automate Business On-boarding
  •    Automate Collect and Remit
  •    Real-time Visibility
  •   Streamline Key Processes

End-to-End Solution For

  •   Tax Agents
  •   Vendors
  •   Customer
  •   Government

Flexible Platform

  •   Highly Customizable
  •   Sales Tax and VAT
  •   Locality and Product Category
  •   Seasonal Taxation

Integrates With

  •   Backoffice Workflow
  •   Communications System
  •   Banking System
  •    Mobile devices and POS

Features that empowers government and vendors

Vendor Device Agnostic

Open standards-based platform that accomodates any standard vendor device, and payment type.


Powerful Reporting and Analytics Engine

Reports and analytics models that empower decision making and compliance enforcement. View real-time and historical information such as:

  •   Aged delinquencies
  •   Collected vs Remitted
  •   By geography and product category
  •   Tax Fraud

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